This 8-week online program is for you if you are…

- feeling emotional fatigue from the last few years

- feeling “stuck” & tired of waiting for the right time to make a change

- feeling like you have put yourself last for too long

- wanting to make some changes but not sure what that looks like or where to start

- the person who has read & tried all the things e.g., “21 days to a new habit”, “30 days to a whole new you” and other fads

- feeling like the last 2 years have taken a toll and you would like to learn to approach things in a different way

- looking for encouragement, support, education and tools that you can easily and quickly start to use

This 8 Week Program Will Assist You to

- increase self-awareness

- learn effective strategies to help calm overwhelm

- increase creativity, calm and focus

- find more balance in your life

- implement strategies that can help you to reduce stress

- help you gain clarity so that you can set and achieve your goals

Program Summary

  • 8-week group program 
  • 60 min zoom call weekly, may extend to 90 min depending on group discussion
  • Each call will begin with an introduction to the theme of the week & then guiding questions for group discussion
  • Will include a downloadable journal for notes
  • Links to resources
  • Coaching with a focus on supporting, educating & empowering
  • Can add 1 to 1 private coaching calls to dive deeper into the content & your personal goals
  • If you are unable to attend a session there will be a recording uploaded to the Thinkific site. This will be available each week. You will be able to access the videos during the 8-week program and also once the program ends

Program Outline

Week 1 

"Knowing I'm okay". You are the expert. We will look at mindset, motivation and goal setting. What stands in the way of achieving goals? And no, it isn’t laziness or procrastination. How to work with setbacks. Moving forward in an authentic and (self)compassionate way.

Week 2 

Making time for you. Letting go of feelings of guilt or shame, letting go of the "not good enough" feelings that we may carry. Beginning to plant the seeds for change. 

Week 3

Getting comfortable with all the feels. Why is it hard to sit with anger? sadness? We will discuss and explore feelings and strategies to become more aware and comfortable with emotions. (fear, anger, sadness, Happiness, excitement, guilt, shame).

Week 4

The importance of sleep, rest, movement (dance, yoga, stretching, walking), connecting with nature, healthier eats (not diets). Explore ways to more easily add these to your day-to-day routine. Why is so hard to start and maintain a routine? Why is it so challenging to break a bad habit/unhealthy routine?

Week 5 

Grief and Loss - For some it may be the loss of a loved one but it can also mean the loss of a dream, loss of an opportunity, loss of a friendship, loss of a job or a loss that may have happened a long time ago that you think about from time to time. It is important to understand what our grief means to us, how it impacts us, try to make sense of it and decide how we want to move forward with it. Helping clients with grief and loss is near and dear to my heart. For many talking about grief is uncomfortable. This will be a safe space to begin a gentle discussion and bring some healing.

Week 6 

Stress, Fatigue, Burnout - An exploration and discussion to help identify the emotional, physical and psychological signs of stress. How to manage and cope with stress. Discussion and strategies to help with setting priorities and healthy boundaries.

Week 7 

Keeping things simple - Focusing on the areas that are important to you. Reflecting on what we have been told about health & wellbeing. Do you align with this? Does it feel authentic? Do you want or need to shift? A discussion and exploration on how to gently make changes that will serve you moving forward. How to get unstuck. New ideas and new ways of being in your body and mind.

Week 8 

You are Enough. Beginning to feel comfort in knowing you are enough. Loving yourself as you are and loving yourself as you continue to make changes that are best for you.

The program will include:

A safe space to process, learn, heal & grow

Techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, visualization, relaxation, journaling,
tapping, self-compassion, loving kindness, self-acceptance, grounding. 

Will provide education about the strategies & techniques; explanation and demonstrations, suggestions on how to tailor techniques to fit your lifestyle.

Program dates: Thursday June 2- July 21 8pm EST

Please reach out via email (click Contact me button at the bottom of page) if you have any questions. I am happy to hop on a complimentary 15 minute zoom call to answer any questions you may have.

With gratitude, 

Marida Etherington MscN RN

Therapist, Coach & Course Creator

Passionate about mental wellness